What Are the Benefits of Reconnective Healing?

An energy type work known as Reconnective Healing is one of the most influential ways to help attain internal balance. This was introduced by Dr. Erick Pearl through his book entitled The Reconnection and it has caught the public’s attention. For a lot of people, it is hard to believe in this kind of work since it can’t be seen.

Reiki is part of the well-recognized energy type works that are offered for several years and it was originated from Japan. A newly found frequency, Reconnective Healing, appears to be functioning at a considerably greater frequency. It could be directed and accepted to the electromagnetic field of a person to modify at a molecular level.  

Studies show that the greater a frequency of vibration is, the nearer it is to the light’s frequency. Since human energy fields are existent, changing energy to increased frequency could totally be an extreme “healing” experience. There’s a conclusion that everything has its own energy and pulsates at various rates; every experience, emotion, and thought that we allow shifted our own energy field’s frequency.  

Every individual has a distinct vibration, which is the product of all the influences one has ever faced. Reconnective Healing’s healing benefit takes place once a habitual lower level energy thoughtform, physical or belief imbalance is increased in its vibrational frequency. Meaning, a higher frequency starts to substitute the lower frequencies and releases the person to keep on moving forward from the inactivity of this lower frequency. It becomes simple to add “light” and cause a sort of metamorphosis of the lower “denser” frequency. For instance, conflict transforms into harmony, confusion into clarity, fear into courage, and hate into love. 

What is reconnective healing? 

Reconnective healing has the ability to reconnect one to the universe’s fullness as it relinks one to who we are and the abundance of our beings. It does not only appear to take new healing frequencies set, although it also has possibly a completely new bandwidth. The truth of its presence has clearly proven itself in science labs and in practice. Hamilton reconnective healing does not particularly “treat” anything. Whether or not you have a particular intent in its presence, but enable yourself to return into balance, like what other people do, then that means that you actually do have personal intent. If you are fortunate, your healing would come in ways you have never even imagined. Healing could come in all ways and shapes. 

Who can benefit from Reconnective Healing? 

Those individuals who look out this kind of healing commonly fall into 3 groups: 

  1. They’ve attempted many possibilities for a severe mental/physical disproportion and this is a new method.
  2. They’ve come to a time in their lives when they desire to feel whole or feel more integrates and to reach higher awareness and consciousness of how to carry on living their lives. 
  3. They look for these kinds of healing for a family member who is hospitalized.



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