How to Repair Windshield Rock Chip

Did you know that rock chips in your windshield can actually be easily repaired? As long as it is not located in the driver’s direct line of sight known as the critical area of the windshield, it might be repairable. So, if that’s the case, then repairing your car’s windshield instead of having it replaced entirely with the help of windshield repair St Louis can help you save a lot of money. Also, in a lot of cases, it might even be free. Below, you will be able to learn some very important tips to help you get rid of unsightly rock chips out of your windshield. 

Basic Things You Have to Remember Before Trying to Repair the Rock Chips 

Windshields are entirely made of glass, which is why it is very important that you keep all your expectations reasonable as well as understand the processes involved in repairing a windshield. You always need to bear in mind these important facts in auto glass repair service: Glass breaks. Glass is fragile. Auto glass repair techs need to drill into the windshield. 

To repair a windshield, the technician drills into a rock chip first, applies the needed pressure for vacuum, and then injects the resin into the area with rock chip. The resins that are used in order to repair auto glass rock chips should be optically compatible with the auto glass. The moment the resin is being injected, a professional auto glass repair service provider will use a UV light in order to properly cure it.  

After that, he will then scrap any resin that’s excess from repairing the windshield and he will clean the glass thoroughly. After that damage, the repair will be considered completed and your windshield is already restored, which means it’s no longer in danger of having further cracks from its point of impact. 

Possibility of Further Windshield Damages 

It’s very real that there’s also a possibility that rock chips will crack further while it’s being repaired. As a matter of fact, most companies also apply the repair cost to a windshield replacement process if this will take place. While it might cross your mind that an auto glass replacement or repair service provider wants this problem to arise, this is not true at all times.  

It’s because the profit margin on auto glass has already eroded due to the combination of severe local competition, insurance pricing agreements made with insurers, as well as cheap imported windshields. However, a windshield repair job is really profitable and it can also be completed easily and quickly in just less than thirty minutes, depending on the cases of the glass cracks. 

The moment your car’s windshield survives the repair process, you also need to be prepared to discover some blemishes where the rock specifically hit your windshield. The entire repair process is meant to be a structural repair instead of a cosmetic one. So, consider any appearance improvement as a bonus. Most windshields will actually look better compared to what it looks like prior to the repair. However, because of the debris and dirt that might have collected in the windshield’s cracks as well as the own nature of the resin, chances are it may still be seen. 

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